How I Get More Website Traffic in Nigeria (Proven to Work For Any Business)

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria 2020

How would you like to double, 3X or even multiply your business in the next 90 days while spending the same if not less on marketing?

Stop for a moment and actually imagine what that would feel like your profits would explode, you’d feel happy and safe that your business was profitable.

And you wouldn’t have to spend the weekends worrying about work anymore, you’d finally be able to switch off and actually enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your family.

How is all this possible

How is all this possible with the quality website traffic in Nigeria

With automated traffic and lead generation strategy that could deliver you 50 100 or even 400 plus ready to buy prospects each and every month on autopilot?

So if you’re looking to generate more website traffic, generate more leads, generate more sales and ultimately more profit for your business, then this will be one One of the most important post you’ll ever read.

And you’ll learn why in just a moment.

Coach Enoch

Who I’m I

Hi, my name is Coach Enoch. And over the next few minutes, I want to share with you how my clients and I creating simple automated website traffic and lead generation strategies online in Nigeria using both free and paid traffic to generate hundreds of high-quality leads and clients into our business each and every week with consistency and predictability and how you can copy the same thing too

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria
The casino effect- website traffic in Nigeria

The Casino effect For increasing website traffic

we call it the Casino effect and it’s where you stack the deck in your favor.

So for every dollar you put into your marketing machine, it generates $3 15 50 or even $200 in revenue.

Sounds hard to believe, but in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how it works and how you can use this very same strategy to double, triple or even quadruple your sales in the next 90 days.

Even if you’re a tech newbie and you struggled to get results online in the past.

I’ve cracked the code to sales online and since then My team and I, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses on thousands of campaigns, with some of the biggest brands and multi-million naira businesses in the country, to startups and hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses to dramatically explode their traffic leads and sales.

In the process. We’ve learned a thing or two about growing a business fast, which ultimately comes down to human psychology.

That is what makes people buy and what does it.

Facebook Ads In Nigeria Case Study | ₦24,743 To Make ₦3,675,000

Let me Play this video so you can see a little bit of what with as little cost as possible

facebook ads case study – website traffic in Nigeria

I’ve used these very same strategies I’m about to share with you to generate over N10M in sales for me and my clients.

In other words, this isn’t some theoretical hoo ha, rather, battle hardened strategies that work in any industry in the process.

You see, I’ve been in the trenches on the front lines getting my teeth kicked in trying, testing and perfecting the most effective business growth strategies on the planet.

So if you’re looking to grow traffic,

generate more leads, increase your profits, and attract more dream clients, then you definitely in the right place here.

I’m also going to be revealing the top three biggest mistakes that most businesses make when trying to generate more leads and sales online.

I’m going to be sharing with you the top two things that you need to do. In order to scale your business 2,3,4 or even 10 X in a matter of months, so pay very close attention, because you definitely want to get these right.

However, before we go any further, this is not a get rich fast website that promise you a fortune to doing nothing.

Neither mine all my clients result are typical and you see, contrary to popular belief marketing on the internet isn’t simply about sitting around and clicking refresh on your net banking account and watching the money pile up.

It’s like anything in life, you get out what you put in there for those who take average actions will see average results versus those who take massive action will see massive results, just like the results I’m about to share with you in a moment from some of our clients.

The top two types of clients that we work with are:

  1. service-based businesses like consultants education providers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, IT companies, etc. Right. who wants to scale their business to at least 500k per month or more in revenue. These are people who offer one on one services, group training or seminars.
  2. Now the second group, high value product businesses, like property developers, home builders, construction companies, furniture and bedding businesses and other companies that sell a product with a high lifetime value.

So if you or the company that you work for fall into one of these two categories, and you’re looking to dramatically grow your sales in the fastest time possible, and create a steady stream of ready to buy prospects and dream clients wanting to buy your products and services, then what I’m about to share with you is going to give you lots of actionable strategies and step by step tactics that you can go away and use right now for free today to exponentially grow your business.

Because the strategies I’m about to share with you in this post are exactly what I’ve used over and over again, to scalp multiple different businesses in multiple different markets in multiple different industries.

Now, you see, unlike most online marketing agencies or online gurus, we don’t just teach online marketing and the scaling of lead generation, we actually do what we teach successfully, every single day in our own business.

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria
Lead magnet example – Drive website traffic in Nigeria

In fact, you’re probably reading this as a result of clicking on an ad and taking the desired action that we wanted you to.

Not only do we do this successfully for our own marketing agency, but we also do it in other businesses in other industries outside of the online marketing services market, and because of our experience in running and scaling these businesses, so successfully using different strategies.

Many of the biggest companies and advertising agencies in the world have hired us to learn how to scale their own, and their clients leads and sales.

So if you’re not selling a consistent 50 to 250 k per month of your products and services, right now, the problem is simple.

You see, your business suffers from one of or maybe even all three symptoms to low sales.

Symptoms of low sale

  1. That is low traffic: meaning you simply are not getting enough people to your website or landing pages in front of your offers
  2. Low conversions, you’re probably getting enough traffic, but you simply aren’t seeing the level of leads and sales you want, then you have a conversion problem. Meaning that the offer that you’re putting in front of your prospects simply isn’t compelling enough to make them buy.
  3. No or a small list: meaning you don’t have a large enough list of prospects or previous clients that you can communicate with by a Mail or phone to make offers to meaning you simply don’t have enough qualified buys and leads coming into your business each and every month.

It’s impossible to hit your revenue & income goals without this.

Does this sound familiar?

No more low hanging fruit

You’ve run drive past clients referrals.

And you really basically are saying, What can I do next to generate more leads and more sales to scale my business? Or you wake up to an empty inbox of tire kickers.

You get to the office, you’ve got maybe one or two leads and these guys are just old tire kickers and price shoppers or you have no clear path for growth.

Do you look at your business every day and worry where your next prospects clients or sales are going to come from?

What this simply means is even though that you may be the best at what you do, you simply are not getting in front of the right prospects of communicating the right offer. To them, and let’s face it, nowadays, everybody’s doing online marketing.

So that means that your competitors have an online marketing strategy that works, you will be losing countless leads and customers every single day to them.

This leaves you struggling to generate the right type of leads to hit your revenue goals.

Once you implement our strategies, you’ll never have to worry again about where your next client of sale is going to be coming from.

You’ll have control over your revenue and income because you can generate as many leads and clients as you want on-demand, you will no longer have to wonder guess where your next customer is going to come from, you’ll have certainty.

You’ll have more time and money because you won’t be wasting your time and resources on marketing strategies that simply are getting no results.

Right. So what is the winning strategy?

The Winning Strategy For Website Traffic

Well, in the past two years we’ve worked with over a thousand business owners who for help and advice in scaling their business and growing their traffic leads and sales.

And after looking at so many different businesses and running thousands of campaigns, you start to see patterns and ultimately, what’s working and what’s not.

Now we found that all the business really needs in order to scale their revenue is just two specific things in place to hit a million dollars or more.

1. High-quality, Converting, Targeted Traffic

One, high quality, converting targeted traffic that allows you to spend money to get new clients on a consistent basis.

The most reliable & predictable way to grow sales and to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit.

Meaning that if you want to predictably and consistently grow leads and sales for your business, you need to have control of your traffic and ultimately control of your business and your profits.

They are basically All kinds of hype and loopholes with gaming, the systems are getting you truckloads of free traffic right?

Now does some of it work, maybe for a month or two.

But if your business is relying on that you don’t have a business, you have an income stream that’s supported by an unsustainable gimmick.

You know, that strategies is about setting up a system that will be here today, but then gone tomorrow.

That’s no way to scale a business and set it up for long term success. And if you’re not doing that, then you’re just wasting your time.

2. Offers

The second thing is you need an offer that will convert that traffic &potential prospects into high paying customers who keep coming back over and over again.

Traffic: Drive website traffic in Nigeria

So let’s talk about traffic for a moment. Alright, there’s several forms of traffic that we use to scale your leads and sales. And these traffic sources all focus on getting three types of prospects into your business.

Three Types Of Prospects

website traffic in Nigeria

So the first type of prospect is a prospect environment.

The second type of prospects in the awareness stage.

And the third is called a cold prospect. So buy mode, right?

These are people who are searching in hot mode specifically looking for the products and services that you provide.

These types of prospects are generally the best to reach on Google through SEO, AdWords, they have very high purchase intent, as they’re actively looking for a solution. They could also be people who follow you on Facebook who are on your list and a very kind of familiar with the products and services that you provide.

The second type of prospect is the prospect in the awareness stage. Now, these type of prospects who aren’t already they’re not actively searching but they are aware that they have a problem and are open to buying.

And the third type of prospects and the largest group of people is a cold prospect.

Now a cold prospect is someone who isn’t searching and doesn’t know that they have a problem or a need, but are a good candidate to the products and services that you sell.

And this represents the largest segment of your market.

website traffic in Nigeria

So targeting prospects in buy mode.

Now this is generally done using Google AdWords or SEO, focusing on high purchase intent keywords, you know, basically specifically targeting the prospects who are fully aware that they have a need and I just searching for whom that they want to do business with.

Now, targeting people in the awareness stage can be done through a bunch of different platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Instagram ads, Facebook or YouTube.

Now there are some incredible targeting features that allows you to identify prospects or show that they have buyer intent and are open to buy and match all the laser targeted criteria from household income to purchase activity, and a ton of unbelievable targeting options for your ads.

Now targeting cold prospects represents the largest segment of the market and can be done through Google LinkedIn. ads Instagram, Facebook or YouTube targeting this segment.

If you have a sales funnel in place for warming up that cold traffic and these cold prospects through a series of emails and education-based content is where you can completely dominate your market, and is where ultimately the biggest potential for growth lies long term.

Now, all of these traffic sources provide an incredible opportunity for you to grow your revenue and your profits.

But which one of them is right for your business? Well, it all depends on three simple things.

Now, the
First thing is, what do you sell? And the

Second thing is, what is a customer worth to you? And the

Third being: what are you willing to spend in order to acquire a customer? These are the first three things that we break down and figure out with new clients, and they sound like basic questions, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses actually don’t know how much on average, it costs.

How much the customer is worth to their business, or how much they can spend on acquiring a new customer. These are the questions that you really need to sit down and figure out for your business.

The 3 Big Mistakes

Next, I want to share with you the three biggest mistakes that we see businesses make when trying to scale their traffic leads and sales.

Now you can use these as a score card to gain a level of insight to the growth potential online for your business.

Mistake #1

Now, Mistake number one is telling and not showing you see, there are three ways that you can influence people.

Now one way is to talk about how good we are, talk about how great our products and services are and all that kind of stuff. The second is basically to have others talk about how good we are.

Now, both of these work, but the most effective way is to

Demonstrate how good you are by showing people that you can help them by actually helping them.

Now this doesn’t only help with influencing them, but it creates a lot of goodwill in your mouth.

The place I will help you reach a much larger segment of your market, because people at 10 times more likely to come to you to learn something than they are to be sold to.

So if all your marketing is screaming, buy my stuff, you are only appealing to a fraction of the potential buyers in your market. And I’m missing out on a huge potential of the total number of bytes.

So how much are you missing out on you as well, let me run you through a model that we call the

larger market formula real quick.

The Larger Market Formula For website traffic

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria

Now, what the larger market formula shows is that in any given market 3% of prospects are looking to buy right now.

These guys are intensely interested in solving the problem of filling a desire that they have right now. These people are looking and really kind of trying to decide whether or not to buy from you are from one of your competitors.

Now if you’re like most business people, then this is where All your attention is going, then we have a further 17% of the market that is in information gathering mode.

Now, these basically are like a window shopper who may not be looking to buy right now, but it’s certainly open to it and they’re researching.

Then there’s a further 20% of the market who are problem aware meaning that they might know that they have a need for a new car or need to lose weight, but they are not actively researching or looking to buy.

Finally, there’s the other 60% of the market who aren’t problem aware or aren’t looking to buy.

Now most businesses direct all of their attention and all of their efforts and to those 3% of the market that is looking to buy right now. They largely compete on price and are out there screaming we’ve got the best range of we’ve got the cheapest prices, but get this right.

The other part of the market is 3250% larger.

So there’s a huge opportunity in reaching the 97% outside of the top of that pyramid.

And believe it or not even disinterested prospects can turn into lucrative customers if you know how to approach them.

And the problem is that most people trade every single lead as that 3% that are actually ready to buy.

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria

So how does this apply to the online environment? Well, let’s look at a conversion funnel.

Now, currently, the average bounce rate on a website, which is simply the amount of people that come to your site that don’t go past the first page, is sitting around 47%.

And I know there might be some of you out there saying, my bounce rates a lot higher, my bounce rates a lot lower.

It may be but on average, globally, it’s 47%.

Now leaving the other 50% of people stay around on your site and read about your company and look about your kind of actively interested in the products and services that you Provide.

Now, the average conversion rate for a website is between 1 to 3%.

Sure, it varies from industry to industry, but on average, it’s 3%.

So it’s pretty obvious where the biggest opportunity lies, and where the money is being left on the table, so to speak, which is really in getting more of these guys.

You know, the 50%, who are actively interested in the products and services that you sell to buy.

But basically, how do we do that? Right? Well, the quickest and easiest way that we found to do this is by using what we call a high value content offer, or also known as a lead magnet.

High-value content offer

Now, a lead magnet is basically something that you give away on your lead generation page, to incentivize prospects to want to give you their name, email, phone number, address, or whatever other info that you’re asking for, so that they can enter into your sales funnel.

website traffic in Nigeria

Now, the easiest type of lead magnet There is to create is a free report. So, basically now that you know, you know how kind of lead magnets know what it is and kind of how it works.

Let me run you through two different scenarios. Okay, so one scenario is we got 100 visitors coming through to your website. Now we’re just sending them to a normal get a quote, get in touch with us kind of call to actions a typical thing you see on most websites.

Now that typically converts at 3%. Right, then out of those 100 visitors 3% conversion rate, we’re going to get three leads now we find on average of the average close rate on an inbound lead is around 30% across all industries for all the hundreds of clients that we manage, meaning that you essentially get one sale from that exercise.

Now, let’s run through another model. We say we get the same hundred visitors, we send them towards a website, but this time instead of having a get a quote or you know getting contact with us kind of form.

We have a free report now. These offers convert at 25%.

And up, right, because naturally, it’s a much more low commitment offer, we’re essentially giving something of value away for free for a name and email address then out of those hundred visitors, we get 25 leads.

Now naturally on this type of lead, the close rate is lower because that person has basically, you know, giving you their name and email address and downloaded a free report they haven’t asked for, for specific quote, so there’s a lot less of a level of commitment from them.

And we found that these leads convert typically at around 12%, if done right. So meaning that out of the hundred visitors, we have 25 to 25% conversion rate giving us 25 leads at a 12% close rate, giving us three sales.

So you can see that with this approach and just the way that you approach that same hundred visitors right that traffic’s coming from Facebook or AdWords or SEO or wherever it might be.

You are still spending the same amount of money for that traffic, however, how you treat that traffic and how you position your offers, and your funnel can literally triple your sales.

And he who can basically spend the most to acquire a client always wins. Therefore, you’re making you know, three times the amount of sales of the same amount of traffic than any of your competitors, you are going to go out and win that market.

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria

So as we just went through a free report, you could use videos, cheat sheets, swipe files, short courses, or webinars.

Now, let’s move on to mistake number two.

Mistake #2

And that’s really relying on one source of traffic to really be running to kind of generate these traffic to get those leads coming in in the first place.

So I want you to basically let’s run through this scenario and This is all too common. We hear it all the time from people.

This is basically how it goes:

A business that’s advertising online, whether that’s from SEO, AdWords or Facebook ads, they start with a small budget of say, like 25 bucks a day, and they start getting some traffic and the leads are coming in, and those leads are converting, and they’re converting into sales and things are going great.

And then they hire more salespeople to deal with the influx of new leads and sales, and even increase their ad spend to get even more business.

Now, the business owner is really happy. They found like an advertising channel that works to scale their business, then something changes. things always change online, right?

Google changes their algorithm, Facebook updates their ad policies, or ad, you know, AdWords changes the landscape of the ad platform with no warning, just like they did on Friday in February 2016.

website traffic in Nigeria

Now, Google decided that they would Go to remove the sidebar ads on search results.

And after this day, businesses that solely relied on AdWords to get traffic and leads were hurt and they were hurt badly because Google literally wiped off 70% of its ad real estate.

So the competition for those top spots for that remaining 30 %, they saw they skyrocketed, and this increasing competition, cause the cost per clicks to skyrocket.

And then suddenly, the business finds itself with far less traffic coming into their website for the same amount of money with this spending, but with the same amount of staff to pay for the same kind of overheads.

And that’s kind of like what the results look like right now.

So you see that like the most successful businesses that we’ve seen, they build a multiple flow of traffic to maintain a lot of leads, right.

And that’s why we ensure all of our clients You know, have leads coming in from multiple different sources. If one goes down, then the others can pick up slack as quickly as possible.

This means that when something happens on Google or Facebook or Instagram, and your competitors will be left kind of floundering, while their leads and why your leads and revenue is still going strong, because you have multiple streams coming into the business.

And the analogy that we use is when you build a table, do you want to build it with one leg, that’s not a very secure table.

Just like with your business, you want to have, you know, multiple legs being traffic sources, so your business is very stable.

Now, the next common mistake that we say is that even if a business has multiple flows of traffic, and they’re spending an incredible amount of kind of time on creating content and doing SEO and running AdWords and Facebook ads and updating their social networks and doing Facebook Live, and that they really have no idea where the leads are coming from because they’re not tracking their numbers properly.

Or worse, they’re not tracking their numbers at all. And that mistake really comes down to kind of guessing versus tracking. So what numbers should you be tracking?

Well, this is where most digital agencies and most business owners have it all wrong.

They’re focusing on clicks and cost per clicks and impressions and rankings and conversion rates. But you can’t take any of those numbers to the bank.

Right? So they’re kind of good metrics to guide a campaign, but they don’t result in money in your bank account.

So the only numbers that really matter when trying to scale your business, what does it cost you to acquire a customer and to how much money is that customer worth?

And if you want to simplify things even further, is how much money did I spend and how much money did I make?

That’s it, your return on investment is the only thing that matters because once you know exactly the amount it costs you to acquire a customer.

And once you have a complete understanding of how much a client is worth to your business, your business becomes infinitely scalable.

Because you can predict that for every dollar that you spend on your marketing, that you’re going to get 3, 15, 50or $200 in profits back.

You see, if you can’t pay money to acquire a new customer, then you don’t have a business.

And I’m going to say that again.

“If you cannot spend money to acquire a new customer, then you don’t have a business, you have a hobby, “

So and if you don’t accurately know how much money that you make of every dollar that you spend on your marketing, then this is a major sign that you’re planning to small and this is likely the reason that you’re struggling to predictably grow your business.

So let me ask you a question. If you don’t have a predictable and consistent stream of ready to buy prospects coming into your business, each and every month, how much is it costing your business Not to get help, right?

So I want you to do a real quick exercise to figure that out. Now, I want you to write down these two numbers.

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria 2020 | The New Way to Get as Many Customers, Clients, And Sales in Nigeria (Proven to Work For Any Business)

So how much longer do you want to keep this ₦9,60,000 problem of not getting enough traffic, not getting enough leads and not getting enough sales?

So by now, you’re probably wondering how can you get your own traffic and lead generation strategy that will generate 3, 15, 50, or $200 plus for every $1 that you put in?

Well, for a limited time, I’ve set some time aside from my office, personally designed a custom N100k Digital Marketing blueprint for your business for free.

Now, here’s how that works.

Now, this is a 15-30 minute strategy call where we’ll jump on the phone together. And we’ll begin by listening to you.

We’ll review your business, will spy on your competitors will analyze your target market and review your offer and your whole sales process with you and your goals.

Right. Then, using what you tell us, I or my team would develop a custom-made digital marketing blueprint just for you for free.

This plan is specifically designed to reach the growth goals that you specifically have in your business.

Note that this is not a sales pitch in disguise. We usually charge N100, 000 for this kind of comprehensive business analysis and planning.

But you’ll be speaking with one of my digital strategists and campaign managers, who I personally have in the group who will come up with a plan tailored to your business to maximize your leads and sales.

You’re literally getting a complete customized breakdown of our proprietary system specifically tailored to your business.

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint

How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria 2020 | The New Way to Get as Many Customers, Clients, And Sales in Nigeria (Proven to Work For Any Business)

Now, our job will be to come up with a specific plan tailored to your business to maximize your leads and sales.

And at the end of the call, there will be zero obligation for you to take us up on any of our services, we usually charge 100k for this kind of comprehensive business analysis and planning.

Now, in fact, if you don’t find our first conversation, extremely valuable, will immediately pay you N10,000 for wasting your time. And this has literally never happened.

What’s the Catch

So you’re probably thinking right now, why are we doing this? Well, in the nature of full transparency, we do this because many of the people who get on this call with me are so impressed and so thrilled that they actually asked to become a client.

But here’s the catch that you’ve been looking for. We can’t help everybody.

Who Is This For…?

  • Businesses That Have A High-Value Product Or Service
  • If YOU Want To Grow Your Business To A Minimum Of N500k Per Month FAST- (Months Not Years)
  • YOU Want A CONSISTENT Stream Of QUALIFIED Ready To Buy Leads Coming To Your Business Each And Every Day
  • If You Offer Something Of Value That GENUINELY Helps People
  • Entrepreneurs COMMITTED To Growing Their Business And Are Willing To Work To Make That Happen. 
  • Willing To Have Skin In The Game And Invest In Their Business

Who Is This Not For…?

  • People who like bouncing around to the next “shiny object”
  • Who are in “information gathering mode” and go from one free training to another
  • Who don’t sell High value products and services
  • Who are afraid to make a decison take action and follow through
  • Anyone not willing to grow their business to additional N500K-N1m 
How to drive more website traffic in Nigeria 2020 | The New Way to Get as Many Customers, Clients, And Sales in Nigeria (Proven to Work For Any Business)

A word of warning though last month’s free spots was fully booked So go ahead and book it in right now, you see, this offer is extremely limited because of the intense one on one time needed in order to conduct these sessions.

So we only have a limited number of slots available free on our calendar each month. And once that gone, will they call it.

Once you click the button below, you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire and now it’s nothing too intrusive.

It takes just 60 seconds fill out and simply helps us prepare for our session together.

Next, you book a specific time in for your call on our calendar that suits you best.

So if you feel like this would be the right fit for you, then what you want to do is go ahead and book your call in right now by clicking the big button below.

And we look forward to seeing if we can help you dramatically grow your business by increasing the number of qualified leads and traffic and sales that you’re generating online.

And ultimately seeing if we can help you get that a lot faster than you doing online. Your own down kind of like an untested road. So I hope you got a bunch of value out of this guide whether or not you book in that Call.

I really enjoyed making for you and we look forward to chatting with you soon.